Tablet ordering provides a personal and direct touchscreen approach to meal ordering. The tablet user has access to recipe information and with direct integration into the catering production systems, this can maximise meal-ordering times.

The tablets bring recipe information to the bedside so that menu options can be easily discussed with the patient. As the tablet retains information of progress, the user can easily determine if any beds require entry or have changed state (the patient may be discharged, so the meal can be cancelled to reduce wastage).

The catering department can also define a range of questions they wish to ask in patient surveys or quality questionnaires. These questions can be managed through the tablet module and can be multi-choice, making them easy to select through the touch screen before feeding back into the catering management system for detailed analysis.

The module also includes an integrated catering department only mail facility, so that a tablet user can mail/message the catering department who in turn can contact any user. This is limited to the catering tablet users and the catering department and does not link to any external email systems. It provides an easy and quick messaging function between the remote tablet user and the catering team.

Wastage is an ongoing issue within any catering department, and the tablets can be used to capture any plate wastage at ward level, providing prompt updating of the central catering system.

Key features include

  • Engages one-to-one: one-to-one interactions between the staff member and the patient
  • Paperless system: fewer mistakes and no expensive menu card readers
  • Real-time updates: instant updates to the kitchen for ward/beds changes
  • Touchscreen: ease of use and overcoming language barriers