Manna provides a range of methods of storing important ingredient information, from detailed nutritional breakdown of recipes and menus, through to summary allergen information.

Allergens are defined against a commodity (product) and are then automatically rolled up by the system into any recipes and menus they are used in. Manna is provided with a prepopulated list of 14 allergens (including gluten, celery, lupin etc) and these can be refined and amended as required by the catering team.

Once allergens are allocated against a commodity, then searches within the system allow the department to identify items that contain allergens. Kitchen reports and production reports can show allergen details if required, with the option to include some or all allergens on food labels.

The Nutritional Analysis module automatically integrates into the DietPlan system, which will analyse products to the level of detail required by professional dietitians and nutritionists. Once analysed, the system can then provide detailed analysis of recipes and menus. The nutritional analysis is based on a comprehensive database of more than 1,110 standard foods and utilises the latest version of McCance and Widdowson’s ‘The Composition of Foods’.

Key Features

  • Nutritional information: can be used on labels and production reports if required.
  • Full traceability: traceability of the nutritional value of ingredients or products is consistent throughout the Manna system