“The Cloud” is still best practice for security and performance of many departmental systems, which Catering is a good example. If your system is still running on a server in the hospital, then someone should be managing that system and ensuring the system is backed up, has all the correct operating system patches installed and is as secure for unauthorised access as possible, without making it hard for users to login and use. By putting your system in the cloud through a third party, they can take all that administration and hard work away.

Swan can provide the Manna system in the Cloud, through our secure hosting solution in the midlands. This will allow access to all normal catering Manna functions, and can also provide bedside ordering access on most WiFi enabled Android, IOS and MS windows mobile and tablet devices. So for a cost per month charge, on per bed or per device basis, Swan can host your Manna system and you have no servers or operating system issues to worry about. Connection to you EPoS units and local printing will continue as normal and the transfer can be planned ahead and tested prior to go live to ensure you have confidence in the new structure.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the options and benefits of placing Manna in the CLOUD.