Swan’s in-store hospitality enables you to run the in-house catering and retail aspects of your business through a single system, allowing you to evolve your catering strategy safe in the knowledge that your system will grow and adapt with you.

Hospitals, contract caterings and event retailers need to adapt their strategies to remain competitive and meet the demand of the consumers, whether through a small coffee shop, pop-up venue or a large-scale restaurant. The catering solution can provide table service, kitchen printing and split bills, all of which are expected in this changing environment.

Swan Retail have recognised the growing need for retailers to have a system which supports both retail and hospitality functionality simultaneously, and as such we have developed the ability to do this within the standard Swan application. This results in savings on training and administration times, as well as being able to cross-utilise staff across different departments. It also provides the unique benefit of having one store-wide solution, allowing all your data to be stored in one location and increase business management efficiencies.

Key features include

  • EPoS: terminals that support multiple templates, with one specifically configured for catering, allowing more than 100,000 pre-set buttons
  • One Solution: everything is supported within the same system. The EPoS terminals support all promotion deals, voucher types and loyalty schemes, regardless of the template they are operating. This gives the retailer one common system for reporting and cash reconciliation
  • Hospitality: the standard features of a hospitality system are all available within the catering template, including table number and covers, meal and price modifiers, kitchen printers with the ability to split the order to separate printers by relevant prep area, split payments by covers and meal count down
  • Retail: scan and sell bought-in products, integrated scales for weighed goods from the salad bar, concession management and daily sales cash reconciliation and management
  • Mobile: tablet for tablet service along with integrated mobile Payment Entry Devices
  • Wireless Access: accessible via wireless tablet technology to deliver table service, an efficient ordering system with less room for human error, and flexibility within your catering operation