The Manna system can provide full analysis of department usage and cross charge information in the normal usage reports of the stock and food production sections. The finance and budgets section allows the catering team to define their own finance reporting structures, which can then be used to measure performance against budget or report on specific sets of information.

The module is not a complex accounting suite but allows you to easily group information in Manna that you wish to collate and report. This could be anything from monitoring supplier performance and defining a purchase budget, to defining a report of summarised costs for a part of the hospital which you wish to report separately.

Manna allows for entry of adhoc information if there are any changes you need to reflect in the figures. Once configured, the department can produce monthly or period-based reports. The finance section also includes the interfaces to external finance systems such as Oracle Finance, where defined information including purchase orders and matched invoices are consolidated to update the central finance system.

The catering department can also automate the electronic transmission of Purchase Order details to suppliers with the complete purchase order detail getting transmitted instead of printed. The detail can be amended but includes supplier details, product description, NHS eClass code number, purchase unit, quantity, price, VAT details and delivery details.

Key features include

  • Tracability: track both income and expenditure
  • Instant updates: information is updated in real time