Revolutionise your EPoS with a system from Swan. Whether you run a restaurant, self-service cafeteria, food hall or pop up tea shop, our flexible EPoS will help you improve efficiency in your catering business.

Our new EPoS application has been developed from scratch by our in-house team of developers, providing a stable platform we can build on as technology and the requirements of our customers evolve.

Our system is designed with the latest in terminal technology in mind. The user interface is highly intuitive and very easily configured with a simple app-like layout for ease of use, meaning the sales transaction flows efficiently and improves your customers’ experience.

All EPoS terminals are functional offline and able to talk to other terminals on the same network, as well as syncing independently to the back office, with real time calls for staff cards, customer, stock, loyalty, accounts, orders, gift cards etc available.

Our future-proof EPoS solution provides many exciting new features including:

  • Cashless Sales: record sales against a PIN, swipe card or other means of identification, with weekly or monthly invoices, links to HR or via direct debit
  • No Receipt: print receipt as an option
  • E-receipts: improve your sales data by gathering information on trending products and buying history for a fuller profile of your customers’ likes, with GDPR compliant marketing opt-in options
  • Flexible Menus: menus that change or switch over for breakfast, lunch and tea as the user logs in. These menus can be setup in advance, by using a simple drag-and-drop system to place items and images onto the touch buttons
  • Modifiers: support for menu options, product modifiers and free format text against products
  • Loyalty Information and Prompts: bring up the customer’s account to see personalised offers based on past purchases
  • Promotions: extensive use of meal deal and multi-buy promotions for upsell activities to increase the basket value
  • Flexible Service Points: EPoS units which can be either docked or released and used across the shop floor as required, with support for traditional EPoS peripherals and mobile EFT payments