Swan and our application Manna has worked in partnership with NHS Trusts, schools and other public sector customers for more than 25 years, and now has a market leading catering management solution. With an in-house development team and industry professionals, we can keep at the forefront of catering, hospitality and retailing trends in functionality requirements and advances in technology.

Swan Retail is a software and services company based in the UK with offices in Portsmouth, Hull, Bradford and Leicester, specialising in retail and catering software and offering a comprehensive solution covering EPoS, menu management, recipe control, raw ingredients orders and stock control, as well as CRM, tablet ordering and cashless sales.

Swan Retail has an active application roadmap with many user forums and special interest groups, helping to future-proof our solutions. We attend various many regional NHS meetings, gaining a valuable insight to assist caterers with their requirements.

All of the application software is owned and developed in-house and we provide a complete end to end service – management of your system deployment, hosting, training tailored to your needs, an office-based support team to help with any queries and a maintenance service to solve any software issues.

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