Manna is a catering management system, which is capable of being used by small self-sufficient hospitals and care homes through to the largest of NHS Trusts. The Manna catering management system is able to support both a trust wide solution served by one or more Central Production Units (CPU) and multiple sites each running their own stock control, purchasing, recipes and menus. Manna is designed to assist in cost saving exercises through reducing production wastage using predictive planning quantities and analysis of waste levels.

Manna’s functions and event module provides a quotation, invoicing and booking system for one-off events, catering contracts or sports and entertainment venues. The system can hold a list of function rooms or areas and store a range of layout plans for each, with an integrated calendar that allows for room availability enquiries. The EPoS and stock management features help support pop-up shops, bars, restaurant and self-service outlets.

Manna is perfectly suited for university, schools, prisons, local authorities and other public sector organisations with small or large-scale catering facilities wishing to manage their catering and retail operations. Manna can be flexible in its approach to serving your customers, from cashless payment systems, staff price lists, vouchers and loyalty schemes. The EPoS can accommodate integrated scales for salad bars, hot food takeaways, auto switch menus from breakfast to lunch on a time trigger, as well as wet good sales.

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